Our offer

Web applications

We will prepare for you a complex and modern application available through web browser which helps in your business development.

Move your company on higher level - offer your clients a new quality of services. Benefits from web applications are i.a.:
  • access to resources for many users at once,
  • make communication or cooperation possible in live,
  • fast and convenient access through web browser,
  • readable and convenient usage on each device, including mobile, thanks to responsiveness,
  • wide spectrum of integrations with other applications in order to data exchange,
  • faster and easier reaching with offer to clients.
Do you wonder what we can prepare for your? We successfully create web applications which become systems for management, publishing and sharing materials, Internet users cooperation, calculation systems or content aggregators. They are not only sites for providing data but also places allowing users to active work and filling content.
Possibilites are countless and with pleasure we will help you in their understanding and adjusting a solution right for your needs. Don't stay behind - develop yourself and move your business to web!

Mobile applications

We create applications on mobile devices, both on Android and iOS.

Mobile applications can compete with web applications in race of the most popular software type, for sure. Designed in a way to use them comfortable on smaller screens what makes an app accessible for user in any situation, literally in a range of hand. In the mobile applications development process we use tools allowing to deploy both on Android and iOS and in that way we significantly reduce costs for a client. "Mobile" is a natura evolution which allows your business to get a higher level and target wider group of user. Including these which prefer to, instead of typing an address in browser, touch an icon on a smartfon's or tablet's desktop and use functions which you want to offer them. Take advantage of this and order an mobile application from us!

IT analysis

We analyze your business idea and advise you in the areas of functionality, usability or profitability.

The foundation of any IT system should always be the initiating analytical stage. Especially for you, we will verify your idea in terms of its profitability, understand your expectations and advise you on how to improve and develop the concept. Moreover, we will prepare a professional analysis, translating your idea into IT "blocks" and complete it with a specification that will make everyone aware of what we are aiming at.

If you wonder whether we are familiar with IT project analysis, we can recall many years of experience working with various IT systems, dozens of analyzed, specified, implemented and deployed applications, as well as academic experience - our specialists teach IT project management i.a. at the Faculty of Computing and Telecommunications of Poznan University of Technology. IT analysis is our element.


IT outsourcing

We listen, consult and help by conducting analysis and audit of your IT solution.

We have experience working with various IT projects. Most often we deal with projects started and developed by us, but we also try to help with applications already owned by the client which for various reasons require intervention, including taking over the maintenance and code service.

We can advise with selecting technological solutions or taking further development paths. If necessary, we will analyze the state of the software, pointing out the elements to be improved or those which threat with problems in the future. Or maybe you need a subcontractor for specific modules in the developed IT system? We invite you to contact us! - we will be happy to take a closer look at your systems.

The above items are not the end of our offer. Additionally, we can help you in the following areas:


Not all customer needs involve sophisticated and complex web applications. Sometimes all you need to promote your business is a simple and aesthetic website that encourages users to take advantage of the company's offer (just like the one you are currently browsing or even better). If you are looking for such a solution for yourself - we can offer it! If you start your adventure with business or you want to modernize your existing website - you are at the right address.

desktop applications

Sometimes, contrary to the prevailing trends, access via a web browser is not always an appropriate and possible form for some tasks in IT projects. We are well aware of this and therefore we also provide "window applications" running directly on the computer, which - of course - does not imply resigning from communication via the network.

consulting of granted projects

We have great experience in working with projects granted by the European Union or national funds. We know what is involved in the preparation and development of systems based on a formal application submitted to the relevant authorities. We can support and advise you on issues that raise your doubts.

cooperation with research centers

We work closely with the Poznan University of Technology, constantly exchanging experience and expertise. We know and understand the academic environment and its capabilities - we also have research and teaching experience. We can help you in cooperation with the scientists to realize even the most daring IT projects.

How much will you pay for all of this? See the cost of the service you are interested below!


from 7.500 PLN net

Project analysis concerning project of small/medium size, along with writing a full requirements specification (aproach and example of specification) and a document describing software architecture concept. In basic version up to 5 meetings are included. The price varies depending on the number and complexity of elements to be analyzed - the following factors may have an impact:

  • larger system,
  • development of innovations (e.g. artificial intelligence, machine learning, implementation of new algorithms),
  • development of the integration concept,
  • completeness of requirements specification,
  • required number of meetings,
  • developing assumptions for cooperation with a research unit,
  • completeness of the system architecture concept,
  • creation of a persona, identification of its characteristics.

Man-hour rates

from 200 PLN net/h

200 PLN net/h - rate per hour of programming development work.

250 PLN net/h - rate per hour of design/analytical work.

300 PLN net/h - advanced/innovative programming and development work involving artificial intelligence, extended algorithms, collaboration with researchers, etc.

Similar to the implementation of an analysis for a system, an individual project's hourly rate can be affected by a number of factors, such as:

  • selected technology,
  • experience of the team implementing the project,
  • size of a project,
  • length of cooperation on the project,
  • deadline,
  • expectations regarding non-functional requirements in the project.

Service rate

from 160 PLN net/h

Basic rate on service agreement per service hour (with a minimum of 20 man-hours purchased per month). Subject to change based on conditions and project.

Licenses and system deployments

ComMan: 40.000 PLN net

System to manage the company, orders, production and warehouse. The price includes a license for the system in the default configuration and deploy on the indicated server. Changes are priced individually.

Feedybacky: 10.000 PLN net

System to handle service requests along with a dedicated plugin that automates requests from clients. The cost of a dedicated deploy with a dedicated instance of the system on the indicated server. If you do not need a dedicated instance of the system, use an affordable subscription plan on an existing server - please contact us.

Are you interested with our offer?
Contact us and make your IT project dream come true!

What can you expect from us?

Before start to cooperate with us, you are probably interested in how we work.

The diversity of IT projects and client expectations is such that the most important feature of a good team is flexibility, allowing you to choose the most appropriate strategy for the situation. However, some things remain the same with us.

We discuss on needs


As a client, you know exactly what you want and what your goal is, but it's not always clear what it needed from technical site to achieve it. That is our job - we will happy to listen to your needs and talk about not only possible, but recommended ways to get you to your desired state.

We determine shape of a solution


Thanks to the professional analysis, we will offer you the most suitable solution, taking into account both expectations concerning the functionality and quality criteria. You will also get a full specification, as well as information about the project cost and proposed schedule. We will discuss what stages of software development we anticipate in order to deliver the business value to you as soon as possible.

We visualize an idea


The idea for an IT project is not everything - you need to look at it from the user point of view and the provided interface. We will prepare mock-ups (so-called low fidelity) and prototypes (high fidelity), which, by means of increasingly detailed prototypes, will allow you to imagine the design of the project and think about possible options.

We implement


Our team of programmers, basing on prepared documentation, will effectively implement the designed solution. We usually work in accordance with agile methodologies, which allows us to create and verify the system piece by piece, according to the planned stages, responding to changing business needs. We will adapt the development methodology to your needs, delivering successive pieces of your system on time.

We test


Each stage (or even part of a stage) is subject if internal testing, during which we make sure that the software we create works correctly and meets the assumed quality criteria (we call it verification and validation). What is more, we will pass the created functionality to you for testing so that you can control whether the project is heading in the right direction.

We deploy


At this stage we provide you and your users a ready system or its fragment. You can use it, fill it with data and share the information with your co-workers and clients. Depending on the needs, we also offer professional trainings and preparing instructions showing from different perspectives how to use the system.

We do not leave you in need


Almost every project after publishing requires further development, changes and modifications to keep up with the changing business environment. There are also ideas to improve it. Additionally, interest in the product may exceed the expectations and capabilities of the initial server. We will not leave you with the problem - we not only provide a guarantee for our software, but we are also open to talks about further cooperation in the context of the delivered IT project.

You may be interested in what technologies we use most often. We are flexible also while adjusting solutions and, depending on the needs, we provide support in many popular technologies, but we specialize in:

Yii 2.0 framework logo

Yii 2.0 framework is one of the more recognizable sets of libraries for PHP 7+ web development. It not only allows to build advanced web applications quickly, but also improves work on many labor-intensive elements, such as object management. It is a constantly evolving technology that offers many possibilities and that is why it is eagerly chosen by various software houses.

Angular logo

Angular is a framework that needs no introduction to web application developers. It is one of the three most popular and powerful front-end engines that came into existence thanks to the development of JavaScript-based technologies. Angular not only allows you to structure the user interface, but also provides foundations for a more complex infrastructure.

Apache Cordova logo

Mobile applications are widely present in our world and they will appear even more often. The problem with them is still the same - the need to create separate source code for Android, iOS and other operating systems. There Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) comes with rescue - with combination with e.g. Ionic framework becomes a great composition that can save a lot of time on most projects. Thanks to this technology we create almost simultaneously the lion's share of work on a mobile application for both Android and iOS.

You can read more about technologies used by us in this article.

Now you know how we work and what tools we use. Find out more about us!

Our realizations

Below you can find some of our realizations. Did they interest you? We can create something similar but adjusted to you!

acoGO! 2.0
PUT Alumni
PUT Alumni - stay connected!
JK Surgical & JK Industrial
JK Surgical & JK Industrial
  • Feedybacky - screen 1.
  • Feedybacky - screen 2.
  • Feedybacky - screen 3.
  • Feedybacky - screen 4.

About project

Feedybacky is our own project designed to help IT teams in receiving and managing service requests and clients - to report them. The system consists of two parts:

  • a publicly available plugin with a ticket form that anyone can introduce on their website,
  • a portal integrated with the plugin for issue management and communication with the customer.
The portal is available in closed beta - want to try it out? Contact us!. You can experience the plugin right now - it's completely free and customizable. More information.

Comman - Company Manager
  • Comman - screen 1.
  • Comman - screen 2.
  • Comman - screen 31.
  • Comman - screen 4.
  • Comman - screen 5.

About project

Comman (which is an abbreviation for "Company Manager") is a multi-module software solution suitable for retail, manufacturing and service companies, with a particular focus on the SME sector. It brings together the possibility to manage many aspects of running such a business:

  • taking orders (including directly from customers thanks to the customer panel),
  • handling products in warehouse,
  • monitoring tasks and order production progress,
  • storing information about customers and employees,
  • reporting and presenting key statistics,
  • integration of systems in client's environment.


Comman is a web- application, so all you need to work with it is a web browser and a network connection. Each version of the system is individually tailored to the client and his company processes. It is also installed on their server, what supports data control and security. If you are the owner of such a company and you want to try Comman - contact us, we will be happy to present the possibilities of the system and discuss modifications according to your needs. More information.

Used technologies

Yii 2.0
acoGO! 2.0
  • acoGO! 2.0 - screen 1.
  • acoGO! 2.0 - screen 2.
  • acoGO! 2.0 - screen 3.

About project

acoGO! 2.0 is a mobile application developed for ACO company, which focus on design, implementation and all processes related to intercoms. The application (which works on both Android and iOS devices) allows residents to use their intercom through their smartphone, including both audio and video calling and gate opening. We were responsible for the mobile application itself, connecting to the server infrastructure prepared by the client. More information can be found on the official website of the service, acogo.pl.

PUT Alumni - stay connected!
  • PUT Alumni - screen 1.
  • PUT Alumni - screen 2.
  • PUT Alumni - screen 3.
  • PUT Alumni - screen 4.

About project

PUT Alumni - stay connected! (or "Stay Connected with PUT Alumni") is a mobile and web application that is a social networking service for Poznan University of Technology alumni. The system was created mainly for people from abroad and allows them to share articles, photos, as well as handling events (e.g. university reunions). We created both the frontend and backend of the system with Android and iOS users in mind.

Used technologies

Apache Cordova
Yii 2.0
JK Surgical and JK Industrial sites
  • JK Surgical & JK Industrial - screen 1.
  • JK Surgical & JK Industrial - screen 2.
  • JK Surgical & JK Industrial - screen 3.
  • JK Surgical & JK Industrial - screen 4.

About project

The JK Surgical and JK Industrial websites are showcases for representatives of companies that manufacture top-quality blades for a variety of purposes. While on JK Surgical one can browse the range of surgical blades, intended i.a. for podiatrists, among others, on JK Industrial one can find a wide range of products with industrial applications, including metallurgical and automotive. The sites themselves are built on the Drupal CMS, which provides a convenient administration panel that allows content to be managed directly by a person from the client side, usually without the need for intervention from an IT specialist.

Used technologies


Our partners and clients

Surely, when you are considering cooperation with us, you are also interested in who has trusted us. Below is a list of some of our clients and companies we work with. We encourage you to take a closer look at them!

You can see who we've worked with. Do you want to take advantage of our experience? Let's do something together!

Join to Wilda Software

Wilda Software is not only technology and client recommendations, but also great people who make up a close-knit and well-understood team, in which we enjoy working and simply living. From time to time we are looking for new reinforcements - would you like to join us?

Regardless of whether you imagine your future with us, you can check your skills and knowledge in one of our quizzes.

Product Owner


Are you considering a job where your analytical and organizational skills will have a real impact on the success of IT projects? Good knowledge of software development, communication skills and the ability to describe customer expectations are your strengths? Are you a systematic and consistent person? Do you want to have a real impact on the implementation of IT projects and ensure their proper progress?

In our small but experienced team, we need someone to act as a liaison between the developers and the realization of the client's expectations, so if you can analyze, assign tasks and take care of the workflow according to the business needs, then we are waiting for you. With us, every project is a learning experience and an opportunity to gain more experience in a friendly environment. Your main responsibilities will include facilitating the development team to perform technical tasks in line with the client's expectations.

Because of growth and new projects, we are looking for a candidate for the position of:

Product Owner

More specifically, the tasks awaiting you are:

  • acting as Product Owner of the development team,
  • communication with customers on technical and business requirements analysis,
  • preparation of task descriptions and criteria for their completion,
  • assign tasks to the development team and coordinate their implementation in the context of customer expectations,
  • verification of task implementation in terms of functional and non-functional requirements,
  • responding to problems and concerns about tasks,
  • ensuring that the workflow is in line with the business needs of customers,
  • preparation of documents related to IT projects,
  • preparing meeting notes and leading the process of handing over work stages,
  • managing incoming service requests.

We expect:

  • knowledge of issues related to the software development process,
  • basic knowledge of web and mobile technologies (IT orientation),
  • reliability, accuracy, ability to organize facts,
  • ability to think analytically,
  • ability to draw conclusions and propose solutions to problems,
  • decisiveness in decision-making,
  • the ability to describe customer expectations in an understandable way,
  • ease of communication and contact with people.

It is nice to have:

  • knowledge of agile methodologies (Scrum, difference from the traditional model),
  • technical education,
  • knowledge of task management systems and service requests.

We offer:

  • interesting projects with cooperation in various industries (e.g. law, medical and Universities)
  • work in a small but experienced team
  • friendly, family atmosphere at work
  • flexible working hours
  • great opportunities for development, gaining greater experience
  • attractive salary based on work progress
  • work on site, close to the Center, Poznan Main Station and Avenida (Przemysłowa Street, Wilda district)

Web and mobile developer


Wilda Software Sp. z o.o. is a software house from Poznań, Poland, which specializes in creating advanced web and mobile applications, developed and maintained for clients from many different industries. Moreover, we develop our own original software - we are the creators of Feedybacky system used to streamline customer service requests in web applications, and ComMan system which allows small and medium manufacturing and service companies to manage orders, warehouse and production.

Because of growth and new projects, we are looking for a candidate for the position of:

Web and mobile developer

We expect:

  • basic or medium knowledge of at least one of the following technologies:
    • PHP 7/8 with particular emphasis on object-oriented programming principles
    • JavaScript and TypeScript (especially Angular)
  • at least basic knowledge of Git
  • at least basic knowledge of SQL language
  • English language skills necessary to understand technical documentation
  • teamwork skills
  • reliability and accuracy in executing tasks
  • good communication

Meeting at least two of the following points will be welcome:

  • knowledge of Yii 2 framework or similar technology
  • knowledge of Angular framework or similar (React or Vue.js)
  • knowledge of Ionic framework
  • knowledge of CMS systems (especially Drupal)
  • knowledge of tools for task management (e.g. Jira, Redmine, Asana)

We offer:

  • interesting projects with cooperation in various industries (e.g. law, production, medical and Universities)
  • work in a small but experienced team
  • friendly, family atmosphere at work
  • opportunity for further development and learning alongside experienced programmers
  • flexible working hours
  • great opportunities for development, gaining more experience, learning new technologies and their practical applications
  • attractive salary based on work progress
  • work on site, close to the Center, Poznan Main Station and Avenida (Przemysłowa Street, Wilda district)

Our team has completed many interesting projects. Check what we can show off and for who we worked! And if you are interested in the job - contact us!

About Wilda Software

Formally, we have been active since 2018, but our common history goes back even more than a dozen years earlier, when some members of the team started cooperating with each other on academic projects. It quickly turned out that this work not only went well, but also brought measurable results, so it was continued, both in the university field and commercially. Since then, project managers and individual members of the technical department gained experience while creating IT projects for many clients. Software that was created during this time was very diverse in nature - they were large web applications, convenient to use computer programs for mobile devices, desktop solutions for Windows or algorithms helping to optimize production. Moreover, during this time we have consulted and documented many IT systems of different sizes, domain and levels of advancement, which has toughened us and made us able to understand the technological expectations of each client.

Our team consists of specialists in IT project management and programmers - engineers who deal with both the visible (front-end) and invisible (back-end) side of the application. We also work closely with professionals dealing with server administration, graphic design and search engine optimization, so we can offer a full package of services.

In our team we focus on improving each other's skills - people experienced in specific technical aspects are willing to share their knowledge with other members of the team, thus raising the general awareness of different techniques and making the technical department as flexible as possible. Such development is also possible thanks to the fact that the team consists of people who not only have IT knowledge, but also have teaching skills, which are used in conducting laboratory classes and lecturing at various universities.

Projects are supervised by experienced people with strong analytical skills who can understand and reformulate the client's challenge to successfully create the desired IT system. Project managers are able to organize the team's and their own work, always finding time and understanding the changing needs of clients.

We understand that you may not believe the above description.
That's why we invite you to contact us and get to know each other!

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